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At Charleston SEO Shop, we take a very deliberate and careful path to achieve top SEO results and increase traffic for our clients. We understand that any digital marketing and SEO strategy must fit into the overall marketing vision and strategy for the company, which is why we create a custom-tailored strategy for each client based on their needs.


  • Goals

For every internet marketing and SEO campaign we take on the first thing we do here at Charleston SEO is establish the goals of the client, which should be finite and measurable. While this seems pretty self-explanatory, it's pretty shocking how often this simple step is overlooked at other SEO firms. How can you be working to help a client when you don't know what their overall goal is?

  • Customer Research

After we know everything about the client and their goals, it's then time to know everything about their customers. While our fundamental approach to SEO is always the same, we know that reaching different people and markets requires differing strategies. This is part of our customized approach to SEO for each particular client.

On-Site Audit

After the strategy is developed we do a thorough analysis of what we're actually marketing, which is your website. More often than not we find a client's overall marketing and SEO goals do not match up with the website they are marketing. This can cause serious issues with trying to rank and gain traction for specific keywords.

Keyword Research

At Charleston SEO we excel in finding opportunities that other firms have missed. Once we have a thorough understanding of the strategy and current website issues we dive into keyword research. This is where we can find the optimal SEO opportunities and the keywords with the best potential ROI for our clients. During this process, we often find new untapped keywords that can help bring in extra traffic as well.

Web Development and Design

After a thorough audit of the website we often find it is necessary to make some fundamental changes in design and layout. Fortunately here at Charleston SEO we also have quite a bit of experience in web development and design as well. We'll make sure the website flows smoothly and is intuitive for the customer so you're not losing traffic due to confusion or other factors.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Once the layout and design are where they need to be, the next key step in our SEO process is creating unique and engaging content. This is a key step for ranking and SEO purposes as the content not only has to be engaging to a potential customer, but it has to be unique and relevant enough for Google as well.

Promoting SEO Content

At Charleston SEO we don't believe that "if you build it, they will come". We've seen so many websites with great content that just isn't being found. Content promotion is key and we get the right content in front of the right people to boost your organic SEO rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an increasingly important part of organic SEO, which many people have realized. However, we often see clients just signing up on every platform and not utilizing them properly. Every social media platform is not right for every type of industry or business. At Charleston SEO we will find where your potential customers are and market specifically to them.

PPC Development and Management

While not technically a part of organic SEO, pay per click (or PPC) advertising can be an important part of an SEO campaign, especially during the initial launch. Progress is often slow in the early-going and a good PPC campaign can really jump-start this process. At Charleston SEO Shop we've been creating and managing very large and profitable PPC campaigns for years.

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Here at Charleston SEO we provide the full array of SEO services including keyword research, on-site optimization, content creation, link building, social media optimization, and PPC development and management.


The first step to ranking higher for any keywords is to know which keywords you should be targeting in the first place!


We analyze every aspect of a website to know where improvements can be made.


Don't get left behind. Website speed is becoming an increasingly important factor for SEO.


We'll analyze your social media presence and tweak it to perfection.


Working with us includes all of the benefits below. Here at Charleston SEO we know that quality SEO takes a multifaceted approach

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 100% White Hat, Long-term Organic SEO
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • First Page on Google
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Development and Strategies
  • Extremely Affordable


In our extensive experience with SEO for many Charleston based firms, we focus on the areas below to ensure the greatest results and transparency.


The most important and often most overlooked portion of SEO. This is the foundation for everything moving forward.


After an initial strategy is implemented we'll lock down which keywords to focus on and find additional ones you didn't know about.


Creating content is at the fundamental core of SEO. We'll create valuable, engaging content around your core keywords.


After we create some stellar SEO content, we'll make sure the world sees it and promote it through various channels to ensure it has the greatest effect.


Building links from key industry sites are key to moving up the SEO rankings.


Here at Charleston SEO we believe that transparency is the key to build trust and long-lasting relationships with clients.


View some real case studies and local Charleston clients below that were facing some SEO challenges that we were able to overcome.


If you're not actively engaging in SEO or digital marketing, you're falling behind your competitors. Contact Charleston SEO for a free analysis today!

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